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Articles - Interviews


The military dog. Past, present and future. Aviation Review Magazine, Hellenic Air Force, 2014.

Alternative treatment of mental health problems. Animal Assisted Therapy/Activity, Panathinaiki Women’s Association of South Africa, Bilingual periodical publication, March 2014

New horizons in Greece, Animal-Assisted-Activities, The Society for Companion Animal Studies Journal (UK), Autumn 2011.

Magazine Interviews

BHMASCIENCE (in Greek), 6/10/2013, "Τι κάνει τα σκυλιά επιθετικά;"

BHMASCIENCE (in Greek), 22/05/2011, "Ζώα που θεραπεύουν!"

TV AND RADIO Interviews

SKAI (Greek), 2/3/2017, Now (TV programme), Presentation of the first Dog Assisted Therapy programme/research in Greece held in a Hospital setting


ERT (Greek) 2/11/2016, Absolute Relevant (Radio Programme), Human – Animal Interaction Study in the 6th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Counselling Psychology


SKAI (Greek), 18/10/2014, Like the Dog with the Cat (TV programme), Presentation of Dog Assisted Activities Programme as part of research for PhD thesis



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